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[WEEKLY SILVER] Love to Hate

[WEEKLY SILVER] Love to Hate
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Which video game villain do you find the most memorable, and what makes them stand out to you? Is it their cunning schemes, their complex backstory, or the sheer challenge they present in the game? Whether it's a classic antagonist like Bowser from Mario, the chilling Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, or someone more obscure, we want to hear your thoughts.

Share the bad guys you can’t help but love to hate and explain why they leave such a lasting impression for a chance at the Weekly 5000 Razer Silver.

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Diablo 4 “ Lilith “  - I know that Lilith did some bad things, but I think she was ultimately motivated by good intentions. anyone agree with this ?


Batman Universe, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Cityty

The Clown Prince of Crime, Joker, is the perfect foil for Batman with his sadistic humor and chaotic schemes. His iconic laugh and unpredictable nature create an atmosphere of tension and excitement, making every encounter with him a thrilling experience for fans.

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Diablo 4 mother of Queen Lilith - is a loving, if somewhat dangerous, mother !

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Mine is evil Cortana from Halo 4, at one minute she was a friend and the next she was an enemy.

Rais from Dying Light. Because he’s just so comical. He tries so hard to be cool and TOUGH AS NAILS but ends up being funny. Our character just wants him to zip it. As does the player probably. Every time he speaks there’s tension in the air but also a laugh building up because of his antics. One great scene is where he asks Crane (us) to choose between two options, and he’s clearly made his choice. And Rais is like “Ah, you have not yet made your decision, I can tell”. HE EVEN PLAYS MUSIC ALOUD FOR ZOMBIES TO HEAR JUST TO BE DRAMATIC, BUT HE’S BEING ALL SERIOUS ABOUT IT, IT’S FANTASTIC AND SO SILLY. He’s definitely a wannabe Vaas (Far Cry 3). He’s really reaching for it. Love you, Rais. Hate you, but that’s why we love you.