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when will they restock their steam wallet codes (sg)

so i bought my razer gold 2 days ago thinking it will be a simple transaction and that i can get my game during the steam summer sale for very cheap. however it seems to always be unavailable and when it isnt when i try to check out it becomes unavailable instantly. can someone tell me  if this is normal or if there are bots sniping the wallet codes


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All Steam Wallet Codes (SGD) is currently available as of now.

Steam Wallet Codes (SGD) - SGD10

Steam Wallet Codes (SGD) - SGD30

Steam Wallet Codes (SGD) - SGD50

I really think it's bots sniping the codes, I tried to get it, I refreshed the page until one popped up but when I tried to checkout, it was alr out of stock, it's like an instant out of stock which is weird. I also tried staying up until 1am to get the codes but it also got instantly bought which is sus as hell. I think it's bots sniping these codes and the only way to fix it is to release multiple codes at once so the bots won't snipe them all away

ive been waiting for steam restocks for a week now still nothing


Same i have been waiting for so long, when i refresh and then there is a code, it just instantly says its out of stock