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Why Does Razer Silver Expire?!?!

  • 12 April 2022
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It not like its super easy to get the required 100k razer silver for a mouse pad! So by making the razer silver expire, its damn near impossible for people like me to accumulate anywhere near the required silver to purchase anything.
Come on Razer, let us keep our measly silver shmeckles!

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5 Replies

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Razer Silver Expiring is quite disappointing, but I think it makes us to do lots of activities with others in here.
It sucks but it is what it is man
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zSilvers; in my opinion are considered as coupon coins~~
We know the coupons have expiring date.

Also, once you redeem your zSilvers, you will receive a coupon code.
This also has a expiry date of 30 days.

So two expiry dates to consider~~~

  • Annual expiry of zSilvers
  • 30 day expiry of coupon codes

Double the trouble~~

To stimulate consumption
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And it seems that some offers for Razer Silver Redeem expire, e.g. Roblox offer is gone ...