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2022 Razer Blade 17 i9 Hits 100 Degrees

  • 31 March 2022
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I just purchased the 2022 Blade 17 with the Intel i9 CPU, the 3080Ti GPU, and the 4k display. When gaming, HWMonitor shows the CPU cores hitting a max of 100 degrees Celsius. In addition, the laptop gets almost too hot to touch just above the F5-F9 keys. It is certainly too hot to leave my fingers there for very long. I have the laptop elevated on a stand and have made sure the fans are not blocked. In addition, I have a small desk fan blowing over the top and button of the laptop in an attempt to keep it cool. In Synapse, I set the Performance mode to Custom with both the GPU set to High and the CPU set to Boost. I also find the power brick gets very hot, again almost too hot to touch so I have the desk fan blowing over that as well. Is this normal or should I contact Razer to see about an exchange? Thanks for your time!!!

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I think it's "normal" with laptop packed with top specs, especially when both GPU and CPU are in high utilization.
I'd try to apply better themal paste and thermopads if possible.
Gaming systems run hotter than other laptops due to their performance and power requirements. It is safe for newer processors to run warmer than older processors due to additional innovations from AMD and Intel that allow more performance with higher power draw and thermals. You may follow this guide to keep your Razer Blade 17 at an optimal temperature while gaming. Should the issue persists, send me a PM with the serial number so I can validate the warranty status of your device for RMA options.

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