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A question about a commercial invoice.

  • 27 November 2022
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Hi. I recently ordered a headset from Canada with free shipping and got it today. And I found a commercial invoice in a plastic bag on the parcel. The invoice says something about Invoice subtotal, Freight costs, accessorial costs, and so on. I don't normally see this invoice document when I order from Canada Amazon. Can someone clarify that the cost on the invoice is not something that I have to pay? I paid the product price and local taxes at the checkout. Thanks.

1 Reply

he information you see on the commercial invoice, such as the invoice subtotal, freight costs, and accessorial costs, are typically included for customs purposes when shipping items internationally.

These costs are not necessarily something that you have to pay as a consumer since you have already paid for the product and local taxes at checkout. However, the shipping company may be required to pay these fees as part of the customs clearance process, and they may pass on these costs to you if they were not included in the original shipping fees.

If you have any concerns about the costs listed on the commercial invoice, you can contact the seller or the