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All my Synapse 3 profiles are missing

  • 24 December 2020
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turned my pc on this morning and I noticed my lights on my keyboard where set back to default. I opened up Synapse and all my profiles were gone. I didnt delete or do anything, they worked the night before and then I woke up and they were gone.

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6 Replies

After Synapse update my profiles were deleted as well.
so this is a systematic issue. profiles are gone, cant create/import profiles at all. im left with a basic mouse/keyboard but i paid over $150 (huntsmen elite) + $75 for (Naga Trinity).
Same here. After update all profiles fo0r Raser Synapse 3.5 are gone. Cant create new profile also.
Razer fucking fix this asp or it will be last razer product i buy
Same for me. Lancehead and Huntsman Elite were working just fine before the update. Tried to fix this in Chroma Studio. I had go out and import my old profile, because Chroma Studio would not let me add an effect. So after the import my mouse and keyboard have gone black. Chroma Studio give a save option, but it does nothing. I exported what I had. It comes back with my old profile settings. Does anyone from Razer actually answer these threads? I don't see any responses from them.
this fixes it
only thing that worked for me was uninstall, delete folders and reinstall.
this worked for me about about 4 days of going through forum looking for a solution.
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