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All Razer apps crash on start

  • 3 February 2019
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Starting today I cant use Razer anymore. It started with Razer synapse closing by itself right after the startup. When I try to start it manually all I can see is just a login screen, the crash follows immediately. I tried to uninstall Razer apps then, but Razer uninstaller goes down to the action selection and then crashes. Then I've downloaded a fresh installer but result is the same - crash in a few seconds. I tried to remove all Razer software manually, tried to disable AV. All the same, Razer is not usable. Please do not offer me to reinstall my system, cause this is unacceptable.

My system is Win 10 x64, Blackwidow X Chroma White

Having the same issue?

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2 Replies

Found the reason of this. Its a GPU conflict caused by the shitty software by ASUS - Gpu Tweak II. It has enabled its OSD and it crashed all apps that use GPU
Hey @Keeraah, do you still need assistance? If so, please send me a PM. Will be locking the thread as resolved for now.