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ALT key not working on Chroma Studio - Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (2019)

  • 13 April 2019
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Hey there,
first of all, sorry for my english.
Now to the point, this machine is a beast, working perfectly all around: there is just one little problem that could be Synapse-related (???): I can't apply any effect in Chroma Studio on my left-ALT key.

Mind that the key is correctly typing and when I setup Quick Effects on my keyboard (every style I choose), that key lights up. Also, when I create a new advanced profile, Chroma Studio applies the basic Spectrum Cycling, and that key is working as well in that case. The problem happens whenever I try to change anything on it. It goes off, black, can't change or swap back to previous colors.

Things done so far trying to resolve (without success): reinstalling Synapse, updating every single component (bios, firmware, etc.). I've done a new Windows installation. Nothing worked so far.
EDIT: I've also tried to make a new account, also didn't work.

It's clearly not a hardware problem.

Attached, two screenshots, first one is the key working when I just open Studio with the standard profile, second one when I try to apply any effect on left-ALT.

Any solution about this?


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HI there, @Blazkj! This seems to be not right. Can you send me the serial number of your Razer Blade through PM? Make sure to include the link of this thread. I'll pick it from there.