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Backup an old Account.

  • 22 October 2020
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My problem is very strange and i need talk with someone who can help me.
I bought a Razerblade 13 laptop. It turned out to be stolen. The person who sold it to me took it from me. I have previously registered it on my account. I got scared. Then I changed the e-mail in this account, I also changed my name, surname, phone number and login.

The police now want me to try to write to you and get my old account back. It was called like my current one: "p4r4n0id", the e-mail before was: "[EMAIL=''][/email]", now, unfortunately, I don't remember because I was wearing it for a while.

Now I need your help to recover this account and the serial number of that laptop.

PS: I learned a lesson. I have now purchased a Razer Blade 17 from the official website.
This is great. I recommend.

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