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Barracuda X (2021) Microphone is low volume

  • 27 January 2023
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Hi, my name is Eishirouuu. For some time , I have a problem with my Barracuda X (2021) Microphone. My friends on Discord told me that they hear me very quiet. I tried to raise my mic volume in Windows but was already on 100%, checked Windows Microphone privacy, everything is okey there. I don't know what else I can do...

Note: I am using a laptop. I can't update my Filmwere cuz my laptop doesn't have a USB-C charging point ( And the app doesn't let me update it).

Here is a example how I sound like:
( The one loud is my friend)

Note 2 : I filmed with Nvidia Experience on 100% Mic Volume and 50% Boost.

1 Reply

У меня точно такая же проблема( решение - aux провод