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Basilisk V2 Scroll Wheel not working

  • 25 July 2021
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I have had this mouse for 9 months and no issues.
It is kept immaculately clean and regularly checked for anything that could be lodged.
No food or crumbs are ever near the mouse.

Was working fine today and all of a sudden no more scroll up/down.

Scroll toggle/click works fine.

Have already tried oxygen but it is not a cleanliness issue.
All programs are up to date.
Have tried testing with Synapse not running in background
Verified that my scroll up/down is in fact bound to scroll up/down
Tried unplugging and plugging in. (Both with synapse running and without)
Tried different ports on my computer

Next step is to use warranty.

Any information helps, thank you

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Have you tried connecting it to a different computer? Have you updated its firmware? Let's isolate the behavior first by performing the steps from this link. Should the issue persists, send me the serial number of your mouse via PM.