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blackshark v2 pro 2023 beeping

  • 12 February 2024
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Hello, I have my Razer Blackshark v2 Pro 2023 for around 6 months. Whenever I disconnect them, I can hear “beeping” in left heapdhone earcup almost like it’s a sound it makes when it’s looking for a device to connect. It’s OK, since it’s only when it’s disconnected.

But yesterday I tried to clean them. I took off the ear cushions, cleaned them and now for some reason I can hear this werid beeping-like sound all the time. It’s only from left earcup and it’s very annoying. I tried many solutions I could find on the internet, like this one: but it didn’t help.

I tried fully reinstalling Synapse with following all steps with this tutorial: but it didn’t help either.

Everything works just fine, I don’t have any other problems, I didn’t damage the headset because all I did is I took off the cushions and cleaned them. After that I’ve put them back in and now there’s beeping all the time in left earcup. Can anyone help? 

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