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Blackshark v2 + USB card dilemma

  • 23 June 2024
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I bought these a couple days ago since i saw good reviews on it, but here come the dilemna.

These come with the usb card and not the jack splitter, i got one just to test what people said about the mic, the mic with the usb card is crearly inferior compared connected to the jack.
but also you have the opposite problem with audio quality, audio is great with the usb card, but kinda mid or even bad connected to the jack.

So, why would you have to choose between having great audio or a good mic… is there a way to have a weird creation with spliters like jack to usb card, usb card to a jack split or something degen like this and have the best of the headseat? or maybe someone figure out a solution to this.

Thats it, thanks for taking the time to read, let me know if you know something!

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