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Blackwidow 2019 keeps connecting and disconnecting

Hello. A week ago i bought the razer blackwidow 2019. However after a week of usage it started randomly to disconnect and then connect back on every 10 seconds. The issue happens ONLY if i have synapse 3 opened. If i closed it, it stops happening, but i won't have the razer software if i closed it. It's not a faulty USB because i tried it on my laptop and it still happens. These are the things i tried:-Reinstalled razer synapse 3(more than 10 times.....)-deleted the HID keyboard drivers from device manager-Disabled the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"-Created a new profile in synapse- it's not the USB cable most likely, because as i said the issue doesn't happen if i close synapse.Since i did all of this and it didn't fix the issue, its kind of obvious that the problem is the keyboard itself right? Well i guess yeah, but why does the issue only happen when synapse is active. Doesn't that mean that synapse itself is the problem and if so why doesn't razer fix it. If anyone can help i will be grateful!

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