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Blackwidow Elite Volume dial issue

  • 4 March 2020
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I've had my Blackwidow Elite for many months now and am very happy with it's quality, except for ONE problem that I have failed to find a solution for:

This problem has existed since I bought the keyboard: Randomly the volume control dial will stop working. The only way I can get it to function again is by resetting my computer. This seems to occur more often if I turn the dial quickly. I have re-installed the software a few times, as well as having the latest updates (synapse 3). Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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1 Reply

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Hey there! Thanks for posting your Razer Blackwidow Elite's volume dial concern here. That's odd. Are you connecting the keyboard to a USB hub? Have you tried connecting the keyboard to a different USB port or computer? Please log in as a guest user in Razer Synapse 3.0 and see if the issue persists.