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Blackwidow v4 75% Double Keys

  • 28 November 2023
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I have  month old Blackwidow v4 75%, and a handful off keys have started double typing. This is not an uncommon issue, and I see regular posts about it here.

Currently it is my F/L/E keys, mostly. Sometimes other keys have it happen.

I have tested with Synapse disabled, and I have cleaned out beneath the cap - I have NOT removed the switch itself and cleaned under that.

Usually this seems to be a Firmware fix, but there is now firmware available for this keyboard (yet).

35 Replies

@TapsGG It’s 100% switches. Brightness is really annoying, but typing experience is on the next level.


I purchased: Gateron G Red Pro 3.0 Pre-lubed Switches 5pin Linear for MX Mechanical Type Key Gaming Keyboard Switches, SMD RGB Light Plate Mounted Switches 


So far so good with no more issues around double spacing, button misses etc. Seems to have fixed the issue and assuming razer is shipping all these with faulty switches as i’ve gone thru a couple of 75% black widows and they all have the same issue. 

Switches guys, switches. I bought new Akko switches, not a single double type after that.

Switches guys, switches. I bought new Akko switches, not a single double type after that.

I ordered Akko V3 Silver Pro Switches. I'll let you know if it also fixes my problem.


Received the switches yesterday.
Problem resolved !

@TapsGG I just replace them. They feel amazing and sound amazing, better than Razer’s Orange.
Only thing it that since they are purple and dark, keyboard isn’t that bright as it was. :( It’s a bit dimmed. :) 

For example numbers, F’s and Z,X  and M are not changed (My switch puller broke down :D ) But sound + feel is much better, and I do not see and double typing so far. :) 


People who tried changing switches to different ones some considerable time ago (at least 1-2 monthjs) - have you experienced any issues since? I heard the problem isn’t the switches but the board.
I really love the idea of this keyboard, the desing and that it is hotswap and all; and I want to stick to my razer ecosystem (still like it despite countless flaws) - but if inevitably the board was to be blamed, I wouldn’t buy this piece

edit: I don’t mind buying and changing switches at all, there’s a reason why I’m interested in a hotswap razer. But I understand it is not to many people’s liking and a barebones version would be amazing

hey there, got the same problem, 4 month using it

Is it really helps to change switches and dont even bother trying to contact support and get a new one?

Im wondering to get something like penguins akko)

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Yikes. Kinda sucks how a big selling point (hot-swap) is turning into an obligation what with the switches breaking down that soon though… 😖

If only we could get these as barebones... 🤠

Razer do something FFS!!!


I came back to a razer product after 15 years and it is same sh** as it was.

My friend bought this keyboard a few months ago and hyped me up to buy it too (I bought it like 14 days later). We both really like the design and the sound of it. He started to have trouble with double clicking on some of the keys so he tried all the things that he found on the internet to fix it. Ofc nothing helped and he bought new Ranked Gateron ks-9 G PRO and the double clicking disappeared. 

Guess what 14 days later my keyboard started double clicking too. I tried everything I found on the internet and in the end I bought Gateron milky yellow pro switches and double clicking disappeared.

Fast forward to this day (keyboards are around 4 months old) my friend experienced double clicking again on Ranked Gateron ks-9 G PRO switches. 

He than changed the switches with another spare ones ( Gateron ks-9 G PRO).

Keyboard is around 200€. Razer you can't fu*k with your customers like that!

I will update this post as soon as we get another problem.


Razer you need to do something FFS!!!


Same issue here. I work remote and I do a lot of ssh and rdp.. with added lag from remote sessions I can barely use this keyboard. Please push an update. I’ve already had to default to my old keyboard. 

Same issue here, some keys are double typing, some doesn’t work. It doesn’t work intermediately. Maybe security issue or something like that?

Switches guys, switches. I bought new Akko switches, not a single double type after that.

I ordered Akko V3 Silver Pro Switches. I'll let you know if it also fixes my problem.

on my 2nd black widow 75% and they both have the same double typing issue. It’s insane that razer doesn’t do anything about this. 

Mine doing the same thing… and somme keys doesn’t work..

I ended up returning mine, the issue just got worse and worse which made working impossible.

Having the exact same issue as well. The keyboard is almost unusable due to this, and I am already looking into RMA.

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I also tried a different USB port

Dont buy Razer anymore. Very Bad devices (waiting for my 3rd blackwidow v4 since the first two had thé double typing/keys not responding issues).

I’m exxpperiencing the same issue with mine, as you can see it happppens with several different keys throughout the main keyboard area as well as with the numpad. Very annoying for someone that does a lot of writing and chat based things. Can’t seem to ffind a fix for this anywhere, other than people saying the switches are what’s bad. 

I can confirm as well, after changing all the switches the keyboard works perfectly. Fun fact, I first switched only the letters on my keyboard, thought it would be fine to not replace the less used keys...nevermind because I ended up replacing commas, tab, caps, alt etc as well, my alt button at some point completely stopped working. Don’t buy this keyboard if you don’t want to invest in new switches, really. Sad because otherwise the keyboard is quite good and I love it.

also experiencing this issue and im not sure if there’s an actual fix..

I order new Akko switches, to try to replace those, so let’s see. It’s even worst after some time. Now I have like 15-20 keys with double typing. (I wrote this 1 minute because of that :)

So how did it go ? can you update here with your findings ? 

Sure. They arrived today. ;) Will update you shortly.

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I am having this exact same issue after 3 months of use. 😭

If you replace them all atleast it will all have the same brightness. I have red in reddit someone swapped with gateron pros and the issue was gone. So as it seems the switches are to blame.