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BlackWidow X Tournamnet Edition Chroma - Lighting issue.

The Details of the Issue:
I have two color scheme profiles (Day and Night). The Night profile uses hot colors and the Day profile uses cold colors. When I have the Day profile active, the Q and Z keys are behaving oddly in the way they light up (or don't when they should). That being they are using only a red color when active or when under the influence of the starlight effect I have on the Day profile. When idle they are unlit. Additionally the A and Left Alt keys are now always a dark blue except when under the influence of starlight effect

Ideally, under the Day profile, all the keys should be cyan when idle. There should be a purple wave from the center outward when any key is struck (though I wish I could set it up so that the wave propagates centered one the struck key. But that doesn't seem to be an option). And they should starlight effect at a medium rate between dark blue and purple.

These 4 keys also misbehave when I have my Night profile active. It's meant to be a solid red, except when any key is struck, it should briefly flash to yellow and fade back to red. Instead what is happening is that the Q key does not flash itself and instead flashes the Escape key as purple (the Escape key behaves as intended when struck). The A key stays solid when struck and flashes the Caps key yellow instead (The caps key behaves normally when struck). The Z key flashes the 3 key yellow (the 3 key behaves as intended). The Alt key flashes the Caps key purple.

Relevant(?) Background Information:

There has been significant recent changes to my machine and the software surrounding the use of my razer products and my issues of minor annoyance are approximately concurrent with these changes. Principally it's that I have a new computer (minus peripherals). This was also a move from windows 7 to windows 10 for me. And I started out on the new system with the latest version of synapse. However it only recognized my mouse (Naga Chroma).

So I reverted my version to the previous one I had used (which i believe is the first version of the program) under which both my mouse and keyboard are recognized. I did this not before trying to reinstall them and manually fetching appropriate drivers and all that standard fair for these kind of issues.

It may be worth noting that through all of this the mouse seems to behave as intended under all circumstances leading to where I am currently at with this and continues to do so presently (this seems to be strictly the keyboard that is misbehaving).

Before I made this big switch I had one previous issue wherein the Q key would not light up or would flicker. I found some advice (I don't recall from where) that had me firmly depress the LED for that key after removing the key cap, which resolved that issue.

Where I am at with the problem(s) presently:
I currently considering deleting both profiles and rebuilding them from scratch. I am also considering a deep (and careful) cleaning of the keyboard. Though i do keep it fairly clean. I still can't help but feel that perhaps something got lodged somewhere. Any constructive thoughts or possible solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for you time and attention in advance.

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