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Blade Studio Temperature is HOOOOT

  • 28 April 2020
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So Im not sure if there is something wrong with my laptop, or if this is normal. The i7 9750H can reach temperatures of up to 212F/100C. I have for sure hit that temperature on most of my cores. I have my laptop on a cooling pad(honestly, Razer, please make a liquid cooling pad for laptops... there just isn't one out there) that has good reviews from amazon. I do a lot of graphic work in the game industry and this requires different software for modeling and texturing. I can push this CPU and GPU through these programs, but isn't this laptop supposed to take this?... I just want to make sure that my CPU isn't going to fry on me if its hitting that 212F temperature for to long. Also, touching the top bar above the keyboard area will get blazing hot. like it actually kinda hurts to hold your finger on it for to long. That doesn't seem normal does it?

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