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Brand New Razer Blade 15 QHD 2021 w/RTX 2080 - Screen Flicker etc.

  • 23 June 2021
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Hi All,

Who got their brand new Blade 15 Advanced today and have crazy screen flickering issues? I had to connect a second display via HDMI just so I could do anything. Didn't start until 3 or so minutes into the initial PC setup.

If I manually reduce the refresh rate to 60hz (down from 244hz) the screen stays on. If I try to change any settings to Intel GPU only or Nvidia GPU only it starts to flicker again even at 60hz. At that point I have to do a complete shutdown and restart to get the screen to work again.

I've done all the windows updates. ensured that the Nvidia Drivers are updated as well as the intel drivers.

I really have not clue what to do at this point. Had a FHD with 2080 Blade 15 before this one and had no issues like this.

Anyone else having this issue or know a fix? I'm currently wiping the laptop and reinstalling everything. Hope that it's just a botched Windows install or something.

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Did anything happen on your Razer Blade 15 before noticing the flickering screen? For now, isolate the behavior first by following the steps from this page. Should the issue persists, send me the serial number of your Razer Blade 15 via PM.