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Broken Blade - no response from Razer since weeks(!)

  • 26 September 2019
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My support experience with Razer is quickly turning into the worst customer support experience I have had in my life.

Little background: Since 2013, I have bought 4(!) top-of-the line Razer Blade 14 laptops. Three(!) of those had technical issues that required support. While this is NOT a good ratio, support in the past was ... ok. Sort of painful to deal with and not very forthcoming but in the end, they helped me.

About a month ago, my 2017 Razer Blade 14 stopped working out of the blue - it would not boot up anymore, being stuck before the Windows 10 boot sequence (sometimes showing "automatic repair initiated" (or similar) but then getting stuck forever.

I contacted the Razer Support and after some back-and-forth, they promised me to escalate this to their "senior technical team" and I would get a response within 2 days. This was 3 weeks(!) ago. I'm now writing them daily but - nothing. Two days ago I started a support chat and they could see my case but told me that they would " I really do apologize but I do not have visibility with their process. All I can do now is to re-endorse your case." and promised a response within a day.
Of course - nothing so far.

Seriously, Razer - apart from (in my pretty substantial experience with your products) the quality issues with your laptop, it's really bad that you don't seem to operate a support system that would help loyal customers to get their expensive stuff fixed.

I hope that I will finally get some useful response this way but I don't have my hopes up high. Next step would to reach out to the consumer protection agency to file a complaint (but that will not get my $2,000+ laptop fixed, either).

REALLY disappointed customer

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Hi there! I'd like to take a look at this. Please PM me the case number. I'll pick it up from there.

Quick update - after the first act of this drama, I had hoped that the second act would go better but ... well, Razer sure knows how to disappoint.

They finally offered a 25% discount on the actual repair and after some more issues on their end and several emails from me, I finally sent my laptop in for repair. They promised to get back with a quote within 2-3 business days. Of course, that didn't happen but after 5 business days, I finally got the quote.

Razer claims that the motherboard and the battery need to be replaced (no further information about what had caused the issue with this laptop from one moment to the other while idling) and ask for $1,227.12 to repair the machine (without the discount). That means that Razer seriously asks me to pay only $200 less than they charge for basically the same machine new right now on the store! So, the CPU, GPU, SSD, memory, case etc. for a new Razer Blade 15 are basically worth $200?

I'll contact them (I assume this has to be some kind of joke) but I can't believe that this whole experience (which already has been the worst I ever experienced with any company ever) has turned even worse. I'm speedless. Oh, and it took Razer six weeks(!) to get to this point.

I did some research and the net is full of people who apparently had the same experience. Very expensive Razer laptop dies out of warranty and Razer asks for extremely expensive "motherboard replacement" fix.