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Can't click taskbar when Razer Synapse is installed.

  • 15 March 2023
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When I install Razer Synapse on any PC, whether Windows 10 or Windows 11, I am no longer able to click on items on the Windows task bar. I can’t click the start button or change focus of opened applications, clicks don’t seem to register when clicking anything on the task bar. If I press the windows button, the start menu does open, and if I press ALT-TAB, I can still change focus of apps, so windows is not frozen; it’s just clicking anything on the task bar that is the issue.


If I uninstall Synapse, the problem goes away. I can reproduce this at will on multiple PCs. I can’t imagine I”m the only person with this problem, yet I don’t see much about it here, but I do see other complaints when searching the web with no solution.  This is rendering my $300 keyboard useless since I can’t install the software required to actually use it.  And no, I did not create any macros or change any settings to cause this.

8 Replies

I had the exact same issue, hopefully we can make enough noise for Razer to fix the issue, cause now I can’t change anything on my mouse or keyboard as I had to uninstall it.

Yes I have the same problem. Razer Huntsman mini, only fix for me was deleting the App

Windows 11

Same problem here. Just got a new set of Nommo Pro speakers and Synapse wanted to update and restart the computer (Windows 11) when I plugged them in. After restarting, I can’t click anything on the taskbar and some areas of other windows (like the end task button in the task manager). Had to uninstall Synapse, and now I can’t use my Tartarus Pro profiles and have to use the optical input to the speakers because they won’t play over USB.

Anyone have any luck getting Synapse working?

Having the same issue. Just installed an update last night and I am unable to click any window beyond the window I was initially on. For some reason, opening task manager fixes this, but my reassigned keys and macros are broken. Strangely enough, when I exit all razer apps, my reassigned keys work- though macros still do not, obviously.


I tried to reinstall razer synapse in hopes that there may have just been an interruption while installing the update. For some reason, I was not asked to restart my computer after reinstalling razer synapse, but WAS asked to restart just for an update? Regardless, this did not fix the issue as it still persists.

Same issue. The only way to fix it is to delete Synapse or disable Razer Services - which means you can’t use the software.

I’m also having the same issue, fresh Windows 11 build running super smooth but as soon as I install synapse (and reboot when prompted by the installer) the taskbar and windows explorer become completely unresponsive. When I uninstall synapse and reboot the PC it runs fine again.

Same issue here, when this happens I can’t solve the issue even by restarting explorer.exe processus (which is one known easy fix). Only thing that will make it work again is restarting the computer … I had this on several windows Installation but it seems it appears only on my AMD system (I did not remember I had it on my former Intel rig)

Same issue.  Taskbar becomes un-clickable shortly after installing Razer synapse.  Uninstalling Synapse and restarting the PC fixes the issue.  I’m on an AMD 5900x, Asus Rog strix B550-F MB, 32Gb Ram, RTX 3080ti, and have a Razer Huntsman v2, Deathadder v2, and a Tartarus pro.