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Can't upload Synapse3 to the Workshop

  • 5 February 2019
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Hello! Today i've created a Chroma Profile that i would like to upload to the Workshop
But i've noticed 2 strange things.

  • The Chroma profile was originally made in a Razer Hunstman Elite (Keyboard) and a Razer Mamba TE (Mouse), but the Huntsman Elite isn't an option to submit at the Workshop (on "Supported Devices" there isn't a option named Hunstman Elite)

(SS: )

  • Invalid File? Yeah, when i try to submit my profile, it shows me up that i need to upload a "Valid Chroma Profile". I'm creating this profile through Synapse 3, the profile is exported as .ChromaEffects, but won't upload. Thanks for the help for now

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I'm having the same issue trying to upload .ChromaEffects files created in synapse 3 for Razer Naga Chroma and Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2. No options to select these devices as supported and also getting the same "please upload a valid chroma profile."

If nothing else this might explain why there are very few profiles available for download on the workshop.