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‏Concerns Regarding Software Updates and Post-Sale Support for Razer Edge

  • 23 February 2024
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‏I purchased the Razer Edge a month ago, and I've noticed some concerning issues related to software updates and post-sale support. Despite being in the market since January 2023, the device is still running on Android 12, not incorporating the advancements introduced in Android 14.

‏Additionally, there is a lack of support for the PlayStation remote control, and the THX spatial audio app, crucial for 3D sound simulation, is not available for updates on the Google Store. I have encountered performance lag during Android games and observed excessive fan noise, even when the device is not in use. Also the device restricts me from setting up apps on the SD card, allowing only the installation of apps on its internal memory. This limitation hinders the flexibility and storage capacity, and it is crucial for Razer to address and resolve this issue to enhance the overall user experience.

‏These issues significantly impact the overall experience, leading me to question why Razer doesn't prioritize software updates to enhance the device's performance and compatibility. It's essential to address these concerns and focus on delivering post-sale services to ensure customer satisfaction. I urge Razer to consider consistent improvements through updates for a smoother and more refined user experience.

3 Replies

I’ve had the 6gb and the 8gb-5G models since launch, both have had a severe lack of updates and launched with android 12 despite android 13 being available at the time of launch. And a huge miscommunication where both the 5g and wifi only models were advertised to have 8gb of memory when the wifi only model shipped with just 6gb.  I was hoping that things would improve through updates, a big one being an update to android 13 which would have added native support for exFAT formatting making SD cards significantly more useful. But now android 14 is available and neither tablet has even gotten and update to 13 yet.

I haven’t touched the 6gb model in months, no news about updates that I could find for it while the 8gb-5g model has gotten two bare minimum security updates most likely enforced by a contract with Verizon to keep mobile services available for the tablet.

At this point, with the lack of overall support for both the firmware and software over the past year that they are either very slowly working on an android 13 or 14 build and plan to release a ton of improvements with the upgrade all at once, since the tablet is functional just not optimal in it’s current state. Or, they don’t plan on doing much of anything with the tablet, continue with minimal updates on the 5g model until EOL then abandon the devices entirely.

I definitely hope that they’re working on a huge update slowly rather than abandoning it though, since it is still available to purchase and even made its way to Amazon with the 6gb model available there. If it gets abandoned at this point I’d likely have to move away from using Razer products entirely.  I understand that being an early adopter has its risks but still selling something with no intended future support is too far in my opinion, and breaks down all trust from a consumer standpoint.



Razer edge does not have any love, tried contacting them on facebook and even they agreed there is no updates in the pipeline and cannot answer basic questions. Decided against purchasing as feel the consule is already abadoned

I have the Razer Edge 5G from Verizon, and it's a fantastic gaming device for Android and cloud gaming. However, it falls short of keeping up with Android updates. If it's truly designed for gamers by gamers, Razer should prioritize keeping it up to date, considering that hardcore gamers always seek the latest technology.