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Confused a little bit with returning my product

So basically i contacted razer support to see if i could get my product replaced with warranty and thankfully they agreed. So i got an email with a prepaid shipping label which is cool but there are a few things im confused about. Firstly i have to return the headphones with al accessories. Now the razer kraken x in the box is just the headphones and the splitter but it also includes a code for 7.1 surround sound, do i have to include that too or just the headphones and the splitter. Secondly there is a commercial invoice which is filled out by razer. But im a bit confused on if i have to sign on the commerical invoice like where it says on the bottom signature / title / date and also do i have to wright something down where it says . I declare that all the information contained in the invoice to be true and correct . If someone could tell me this before i post it tommorow it would be helpful thanks.

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