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Deathadder V3 Wired Suddenly Stops Working

  • 25 March 2024
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Hi! I saw that there was a previous post about this but it was closed and moved to PMs so I’m trying my luck by making a new post.

The situations of mine are similar to theirs where my mouse was working fine so far (I’ve owned it since September of last year) and all of a sudden while I was playing a game it disconnects.


I’ve tried using other USB ports on my PC and reinstalling the mouse drivers as well as Synapse to no avail. It only works when in contact with certain surfaces, for example, having it on my bedsheets allows the mouse to be detected and usable AS LONG as I keep it on the bedsheet, as soon as I lift it off it disconnects shortly afterwards. It unfortunately doesn’t work at all on my mouse pad.


So would the only solution be buying a new mouse?

5 Replies


I also have a problem with Deathadder V3 Wired where it just disconnects and reconnects constantly, everything has been tried. Changing Ports/reinstalling/updated firmware/made sure sensor is clean.

Please Support here!

Same Issue here V3 wired and at the same time it disconnects my chroma mousepad also disconnects.

Is there any solution? i have same issue too.

Is there any solution? i have same issue too.

Well, after carefully cleaning the sensor with 99% alc with a ear cleaning tip, it stops reconnecting constantly for me.

2nd Issue is, after this firmware update, the mouse starts with 1000Hz, after system boots up, then i need to re-plug the mouse into the PC for it to start using 8000hz.
It doesnt matter which Razer Synapse is installed and it doesnt matter if I go into razer synapse and change from 8khz to 125 and back again, it seems to change it to 125 but not back to 8k untill i reconnect the mouse. So yeah, at least I can get it to not reconnect again.

Im using deathadder v3 wired for months, and everytime I open my pc, It just doesnt work. I can hear connecting and disconnecting sounds over and over again. I need to replug multiple times for it to work. And sometimes, the mouse will disconnect again if I flicked to hard while playing valorant. Please help.