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Deciding on a new mouse to buy - I miss my Molten Naga

  • 3 February 2023
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I'm looking to buy a new mouse and was hoping someone might be able to give me a bit of guidance.

I've had two mice in the past decade, the Razer Naga Molten Edition first, and then the Razer Naga Trinity.
The Molten I used long enough for the serial number on the bottom to wear out almost beyond legibility before it started to fail on me (Middle mouse click and right click started to fail, otherwise it's still useable). The Trinity's left click started to fail recently after maybe three years of use which is a bit disappointing.

I'm hoping to get a mouse similar to the Molten Naga, not just because of the longevity of it but also because it was easier to use; I bought the Trinity because I thought being also named 'Naga' it'd be the same size, shape, weight etc, but it's a lot bulkier, higher set and heavier than the ol' Molten.

Are there any mice similarly designed to the Molten, or any factory new Moltens sitting around unused in a box somewhere? I'd love to straight up repurchase the product but anything similar will do, preferably a lot more similar than the Trinity ended up being.

If I have to go for a new mouse, I'd prefer to keep the 12 side buttons, I've gotten kinda used to them. Longevity is important but a good balance between it and comfortability is preferred (the closer to the Molten the better). I'm not too picky about apperance etc so I don't need anything too flashy.
And I'm not a Razer loyalist (yet, that might change if I can get another Molten :wink_:) so any off-brand recommendations are welcome.

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