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Does the Razer Opus Wireless support wired connection for mic?

  • 19 October 2022
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Hello everyone! Recently, I've got my Razer Opus headset and I faced a few problems with its microphone. I use the usb-bluetooth adapter to connect the headset to my PC and there's no problem with the audio quality or something like that.

But when I'm trying to use the microphone the sound just shuts off (both in games and desktop). I've already read that Bluetooth connection isn't very nice to use it in PC gaming due to its channels specific. Anyway, I can use the headset with the microphone only in a hands free mode which provides really terrible sound quility.

I tried to connect the headset with 3.5mm audio cable. Though, my PC doesn't show any microphones in Device Manager. So, I wonder if it's how it's supposed to be or something is wrong with my Razer Opus headset. Can I actually use the microphone by wired connection? I would very appreciate if somebody can tell me that 🙂

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Hi phoebus_the_god,

The mic should work in both wired and wireless modes. Did you already try updating the audio drivers of your PC? If you use it in wired mode, make sure you plug it into a mic and audio combo port. It will use the default audio driver of your PC such as the Realtek HD audio driver for both audio and mic. Try to run the windows troubleshooter as well to identify any driver or hardware problems. For further isolation, you can follow the steps here. Feel free to check our self-help page for product updates and troubleshooting steps or PM me anytime should you need further assistance. Thanks!

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