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Double Click solution?

So with the cheap microswitch failure prevalent in all gaming mice why not have an option in Synapse to ignore the mouse up events following a mouse down if it happens inhumanly? The infamous double click is something all razer gaming mice run into and some non-razer mice. Pretty much any that use the cheaper omniron micros.

If it can't be done in hardware it can be done in software. With an option in mouse settings to ignore mouse up events that follow the initial mouse down event, in a milliseconds ceiling. The double click is always inhuman speed. So giving a ceiling option in milliseconds to ignore should fix all the problems.

The problem seems to be omniron switches having a failure-prone metal spring that either gets dirty or bends to the point it bounces on the contact when pressed. This would result in a faster-than-human mouse up and mouse down event. If Synapse caught the inhuman mouse up event and ignored it the mouse down would continue to register until a later mouse up event occurs from the user.

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