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Download pending in Google play store

Anything I try to download from the play store stucks on 'downloading' or download pending and takes a few hours to eventually download ive tried uninstalling updates for the play store, clearing cache and data on play store, play services, download manager and even restarted my phone. I've even tried removing and re-adding my account. I've tried everything google play help says to do but none of it has worked.

I read one similar post here in razer insider mentioning an app have caused this issue and has fixed it but didn't mention what app it was. Please help.

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I've faced this issue of "downloading/download pending" message while trying to download or update an app.

The work around which worked on mine is by going to "Apps and Games", then "My apps & games" here you should be able to see some pending app updates. Close/Cancel all these and then try downloading the app again.

Let me know if it worked, thanks.

Also please take a screenshot of the issue the next time it pops up. Thanks.
Few hours later then it'll start downloading
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Few hours later then it'll start downloading

Cancel all those pending updates and then try. It should work fine from there.

Sometimes when there are some updates pending/stuck in the "My apps & games" section due to mobile network/wifi issues, the new download of an app/game gets stuck.

This happened for me, multiple times and the above workaround worked 100% of the time.