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Dual Razer Raptor Razer Synapse how to sync lights

  • 8 January 2021
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It's been about a year of ownership of my Raptors and I'm curious as to whether it's possible to sync lights between the two of them, for example if I want both of them to use Fire pattern. Unfortunately through synapse I can only change one monitor's lights at any given time.

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I think you encountered the big problem of Synapse3 as many of us have done with two of the same products in the past.

As of now, it is not possible to sync two of the same products with Synapse3, because Synapse3 only can discover one of them. I have the same problem with two Razer RGB Controllers, where only one is detected. It is often discussed here in the forum, i asked the Support myself and it exists a post here in the forum from a support-member, where it is confirmed that this is supposed behavior. I then tried to find any information on their website about the issue and finally found it in their FAQs for Synapse3...

Why this should be a supposed behavior is beyond my comprehension...

Apperently they seem to work on this issue because of public demand. But honestly, i doubt that an update that adresses this issue is coming out in the very near future...lets hope the best and keep fingers crossed.