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Faulty Power Supply Brick Model RC30-024801

  • 20 November 2022
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I have a Razer Blade 17, with this power supply: Model RC30-024801 and I'm sure it's still within warranty period (which is 5 years)

When I noticed my computer was getting "slow", and the battery was 30% or less, I checked the power supply brick, and is no longer working apparently - there is no LED activity on the brick itself anymore.

Computer is 0% charged, so no go for the weekend at least, I don't think my computer even charger on USB-C; original power supply is 230W.

Any thoughts on warranty, replacement, or where to buy a proper backup supply?


2 Replies

update: bought a new power supply, battery charges and system works...

confirming that the original power supply died (within warrant)

@Dekades ping ping? sorry if you are not proper top level contact.
where is customer support?