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Firefly V2 Hardboard

  • 21 October 2020
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Today i have bought the Firefly V2 hardboard

im using a Mamba Tournament Edition mouse with it.
after connection the mouse really has a hard time moving the cursor on the Firefly but if i switch to a normal cheap mousemat it works fine.
I tried to calibrate the mousemat but all i get is error and the mouse still dont move or hardly moves.
Hope someone has an answer.

Greetings Ricardo

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2 Replies

I'm having the exact same issue, I also have the mamba TE and the firefly v2 and the tracking on it is terrible, but with every other service including a glossed wooden table its fine with.

Have you got a response from this in how to resolve this issue?
Sorry bro still havent found or gotten a solution.
Ive send back the firefly and playing on a normal mousemat again and works fine.