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HI to all: i am new and i have some questions ...

  • 6 March 2019
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Ciao a tutti.

My name is Alessio,i am Italian and i am a new owner of a blade 2015 GTX 2070.

i am quite new about "Razer's conception" of driver support and so on so...here are my questions :

1) let's say that a Bios update is available : where should i download it from ?...because on the main page under the voice "support" they say that just the windows update is enough about updating drivers...but what about bios?

2) front led indicator :what i saw until now *

- laptop powered off : no light at all

- laptop powered on and under charging :no light at all

- laptop blank screen (screen saver ),close the lid,sleeping mode: white led blinking

- powered on the laptop,wake up from sleeping mode : green led (1 second)

i still did not have the chance to see the red one...and do i miss something ? to who knows more than me what i wrote above is the right behavior or...?...(i mean, everything is working right?)

then the last and probably the most abnormal question (about windows 10):

- if you go to the propriety panel of windows 10 (where you can see briefly the cpu and so on) you can see
also the silver log of razer (like in the stickers) .Because i really like it i wonder IF i update the home edition with the pro ,will i lose the logo?..and if i lose it ...there is a way to recover it?...or better if i do i clean install of windows 10 pro from zero...will i lose it at 1000x100?

- about updating (not clean install) the windows 10 home---> pro...is it a normal license works good as update too or there is a specific "update from windows 10 to pro" license?

....Really sorry about this amount of questions and thanks in advance for your patience.

Feel free to ask me more info if you need it and...."no green=no life"...:)


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