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How do I add a legacy device for razer?

  • 14 March 2023
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I’m using windows 10 64 bit, I’m trying to enable the Razer blackshark V2 X. To do that I need to enable surround 7.1 but I don’t have it. I went to device manager and tried to add legacy hardware but Razer is not on the manufacturer list.

Is there a way to add it into the list? or an alternative way to add a legacy hardware device?

6 Replies

Hi, I’m also having the same issue. Is there anyone on this thread that found a resolution?

Also me im having the same problem


Also having the exact same problem but with a Razer Kraken.


I have the exact same problem.   



The surround app is installed but to activate it I need to choose the 7.1 surround in the digital output and to do that I need to add a device to the device manager. That is as far as I got, I acnnot add the new device to the device manager for razer.

I’m trying to activate the 7.1 in the app

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What are you trying to achieve?

Do you have 7.1 Surround app installed?