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Huntsman and Blackwidow Elite Volume Wheel

  • 29 April 2019
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I'm having problems with both my Blackwidow Elite and my huntsman elite volume wheels
The Huntsman is stiff and needs force to turn - it feel like it's scraping on something or is wedged up against something .
The Blackwidow elite on the other hand is unpredictable - it jumps from 1-3-6-2-8-5-7 etc ...
Problem is i live in south Africa and bought the huntsman from Amazon and to ship is such a hassle
what if i get a new one and it has other issues ?
so to solve my problem i bought this

i'm happy with the keyboards overall and i'm using the high quality volume wheel from Drok so I'll just live with things as they are
Just hope Razer stops cutting corners - like the Shitty cheap volume wheel and the rubber dome media buttons ??
Mechanical keyboards means ALL MECHANICAL SWITCHES - not - ( lets throw in some rubber dome shyte ) to save $4 or less - ( 4 media buttons )

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