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[IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE] Precautions prior to buying Razer Products

  • 14 January 2020
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This serves as a guide, notice to Razer’s potential customers prior to purchasing any of Razer products, especially Razer laptops.

Here’s my story, I’ve had Razer Blade 15 for about a year.
On my 13th month, I noticed there’s a dead pixel.
I contacted Razer support for help.

I started by submitting the ticket on 16 Dec 2019.
Despite multiple reminders and follow ups, there was no reply or anyone from Razer contacting me until 2 Jan 2020 despite their so called “contact within 72 hours” or their “24/7 support”.
I think someone from Razer did a typo, it’s more like contact within 720 hours.

Razer support started by asking for information like my product codes and MSInfo among other basic information about my Razer Blade 15, I thought “finally, someone that could help me”. Boy was I wrong, this is just the start of the nightmare.

After providing the requested information on 5 Jan 20, Razer came back on the same day with a series of steps of attempt to resolve the issue.

This is where the nightmare begins.
Razer provides steps and links to update multiple drivers and various stuff.
Among others, one of the step was to update BIOS by using a link provided by Razer Support.

I immediately wrote back to Razer Support with the outcome of the update and requested for this matter to be attended at highest priority.

I requested call back in the email and guess what?
Razer support turned SILENT AND STOP REPLYING until after about 10 email follow ups.

Razer support came back saying in order for them to proceed further, they want me to agree to the Data Liability Agreement to indemnify Razer for any loss of data and software.
WOW! I thought, how could Razer treat their customer this way.
After causing my laptop to be unable to boot with their advise, they want me to indemnify Razer and release them of responsibility for my loss of data.
That’s like saying Razer drop your machine in the pool and want you to indemnify Razer for the water damage to your electronics.

Of course, I’m not happy with this and feedback by replying email. Guess what.... Razer stop replying my emails.

I had no choice but to attempt to contact Razer the other way.
Their so called 24/7 Razer support only works during business hours.
I had no choice but to attempt to contact Razer from US instead.
The support from online chat service said Razer in my region is off for the day and couldn’t help. Genius, right?
So I requested for a call back immediately the next morning.

Next morning came, I waited and waited until it’s half day through, I couldn’t wait any longer. So I contact Razer support AGAIN through the chat service.
After waiting in queue, finally I was assigned to someone.
After providing my cash reference no., I was told I will be transferred to another department. I said ok... *surprised* I was put back in queue again....

I decided, that’s it, I’m just going to call Razer myself.
Luckily the wait wasn’t long, my call was answered and I quoted the reference no. again and explained the whole story.

Then it started of with Razer wanting me to sign the indemnity again to indemnify Razer of all wrongdoings.

I did not agree, the call ended with the officer promising to seek approval for the repair without me signing the indemnity and promised to come back within 24-48 hours.

Minutes after the call, I receive another email from Razer Support requesting for information like product code, serial number which I have provided in my first email reply.
I emphasized I bought it directly from Razer.com and they should have records of it.

3 days later received another email from Razer stating that the Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) will be processed and I will receive email within 24-48 hours on instructions on how to go about the repair.

Given the previous experience, I was half doubt of how Razer is finally being efficient.

Boy was I correct, another email without any explanation, but just the indemnity which Razer wanted me to sign copied and pasted into the email instead of an attachment like in the previous email.

That’s the current and last email from Razer.

My word of advise to everyone that’s thinking of buying Razer products.

1. Razer makes wonderful products until something goes wrong. You can forget about Razer support or any after sales support. You better pray day and night that nothing goes wrong.

2. Never buys the Razer support to extend your warranty for additional years. It doesn’t work because reply is so slow that you’ll likely give up.
You’ll start doubting if anyone is actually monitoring their emails.

3. Signing the indemnity does not guarantee a repair or replacement if repair cannot be done.
It’s only purpose is to indemnify Razer for all liability.

4. I read feedbacks online that if the repair cannot be done, client is still liable for consultation fee otherwise the item will not be returned to the client and will be confiscated by Razer.

Last piece of advise, be cautious. Overpriced things are not always good. You are better off buying something cheap and throw it away when it’s spoilt or buy something with good after sales support.

Will update again if there’s any progress.

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Userlevel 7
I understand that this is not the kind of experience you were looking to have when you reached out to our support team. I too, would probably put up something like this after going through all of that. But the Data Liability Agreement that you were asked to sign is a standard procedure for all laptops that are supposed to be sent in for repair. It, however, does not erase the fact that a BIOS update caused the device to be unusable. Please PM me your ticket number so I can review what previously transpired and make the necessary action. I'll do what I can to try to move things along.
SOP being SOP. But it’s still not right for Razer to force users in signing something to release Razer of all responsibilities which clearly Razer is in the wrong.

The Data Liability Agreement states that the user is responsible to perform backup for all data.
How is this possible given that Razer screwed up and cause the laptop being unable to boot by the user?
How can the user perform backup?
Is this like asking the user to do the impossible.

I have ticket under (*Removed for security purpose)
It’s been a month trying to fix a dead pixel.
Not only it wasn’t done, it only worsen the matter.
Userlevel 7
We're not forcing you to sign anything. Our Repair Centers have been instructed to reset the laptops they receive before they can proceed with the diagnostics. This is set up to protect the privacy of our patrons, you included. I'm not here to argue, I'm here to try to make things right. I won't be able to do anything if you continue to tread this path.


The Data Liability Agreement states that the user is responsible to perform backup for all data.
How is this possible given that Razer screwed up and cause the laptop being unable to boot by the user?
How can the user perform backup?
Is this like asking the user to do the impossible.

You can remove the storage drive and plug it into another computer to create a backup. It's a bit tedious but it's not impossible.

Having said all of that, help me help you. Send over your ticket number via PM so I can get you sorted out sooner rather than later.
I have messaged you yesterday. Still waiting for your response.