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Junglecat Disconnected by Fitbit App

  • 26 March 2020
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TLDR: Had to uninstall the Fitbit app to get a stable bluetooth connection with the Junglecat. Is there a fix in the works to make the Junglecat play nicely with the Fitbit app?

I recently purchased a Junglecat to go with my Razer Phone 2 and noticed that the controller would disconnect from bluetooth about every 30 seconds and immediately reconnect.

Booting the phone into safe mode showed a rock solid connection once Blutooth was turned on and connected to the Junglecat. This led me to think the problem was some other app running on my phone.

After some digging around on the intenets I found some circumstantial evidence that the issue could be linked to the Fitbit app.

Since I happen to own a Fitbit (Charge 3) linked to my phone and have the app installed, I tried the experiment of uninstalling the Fitbit App to see if it made any difference.

As it turns out, with the Fitbit App removed, the bluetooth connection was once again solid as a rock for about 3 hours of emulator play.

My problem is, I happen to like using my Fitbit App and would prefer not to uninstall / reinstall it every time I want to use the Junglecat. Is there any kind of fix for this being looked at?

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