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Keyboard and mouse issues

  • 12 December 2022
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Since i started playing overwatch 2 my keyboard (Huntsman v2) and mouse (Viper 8k) don't get recognized by synapse, they work fine but I don't see them on synapse, I have the blackshark headset too and it show on the app, the weird thing is when i start overwatch my keyboard and mouse change the light mode to overwatch but when i close it the lights turn completely off, I already reinstalled the synapse, uninstalled the devices and installed the drivers again, update windows and synapse, and didn't work, so I don't know if it is happening to someone else or is only me, I appreciate any recommendation

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Hi Luis_32,

Is the issue isolated when you play Overwatch? Are you using a USB hub for your peripherals? If yes, try connecting them directly to the USB port. Should the problem persists, PM me the serial numbers so I can validate the model and check for other model-specific steps to help you resolve the issue. Thanks!

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