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Kishi v1 and iPhone 15

  • 22 October 2023
  • 3 replies

The FAQ on this site for the Kishi v1 states: “The Razer Kishi for Android | RZ06-029001 supports gameplay for the iPhone 15 series but is not compatible with Razer Nexus on iOS.”


Is this not true? I haven't heard of anyone being able to get it to work. I checked mine: RZ06-02900 and it does not work at all. Passthrough charging works but there’s no other indication of connection. 

Does this mean it will support iP15 soon? Because currently there is no new firmware available. Or is it a mistake?

3 Replies

Kishi V1 DOES NOT work with iPhone 15. I bought one with this intention but unfortunately it is not compatible. I’m really hoping Razer will update it to work with iPhone 15 with USB C soon… 

I have the same problem, I hope an update soon, please.

Yooo I just paid $100 for this controller before Christmas and now I can’t return it!!!!!!!!!