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Kiyo Pro mic volume too low

Hi, the Kiyo Pro’s image quality is good, but when it comes to microphone input volume, it never exceeds 16% of total volume.


I’ve tried all the methods I searched on the internet and seems like I am not the only one having this problem, but I never saw Razer provide a satisfactory solution。 Is it possible that a microphone input boost can be added to the Synapse setting?



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Hi I actually checked my Razer Seiren Mini as well. Same problem exists too!

Is it possible that Razer Synapse is not applicable to Windows 11? It’s so frustrated that paying for a webcam and mic but they are not usable in Windows 11. Please try to fix!

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Hi @kinstar44,


Did you already try the steps here? If that didn’t help, PM me the serial number of your devices so I can escalate your concern to the relevant team so they can look into it and provide the best resolution. Thank you!

Is it possible that Razer Synapse is not applicable to Windows 11? It’s so frustrated that paying for a webcam and mic but they are not usable in Windows 11. Please try to fix!

I know!!

It’s as if this device didn’t have mics at all!   I have this problem on macOS so don’t think it’s Windows 11 specific.

@Razer.Zionzedd was there ever a resolution to this issue? I have exactly the same problem (Same camera, same OS) and if any answer came it was in someone’s DMs so wasn’t posted anywhere

No systematic response, I would say. I had DM’s with Razer but it turned out I would need to ship my existing device back before getting a replacement. Haven’t taken up on that offer yet, since I’ve needed the camera for my work.

Ideally, I could see them ship me a replacement, then return the broken one in return envelope.

But it’s a problem with all of their Kiyo Pros, why would you need to ship your specific one back? @Razer.Zionzedd the Kiyo Pro’s microphone is insanely quiet on Windows 11 and there’s no microphone boost option on the advanced sound settings. Any chance Razer could look into it? My friends need to put me on 200% volume on Discord to understand me it’s getting a lil ridiculous haha



@razeth You have information that this affects all the sold devices?

@radiobusKenyanCopper511 Well the lack of a microphone boost option in the enhancements tab is due to it not being supported by the Win11 driver, so either the hardware of the myriad of people here all have quiet microphones, or the one software solution that would fix it for Win10/11 users is missing. Either way I’d say it affects all of them on Windows at least.

But by all means, argue semantics with me and we can all just sit here with crap microphones haha

It’s been pretty well documented in most of the reviews I’ve read about various Kiyo units.  Any workarounds anyone can think of?

Same problem here. Annoying. 

suddenly started having this problem recently on windows 10 with the kiyo. sometimes it works fine sometimes not. all levels at max. soemtimes solvable temporarily by fiddling with windows sound settings/removing the device and readding it but not today.

was same issue with my other mic. does not appear to be a razer kiyo problem but rather a windows 10/11 issue.

It’s been pretty well documented in most of the reviews I’ve read about various Kiyo units.  Any workarounds anyone can think of?

I’ve looked at this yesterday, again. Note: This is on Mac, which is not officially supported by Razer.

  • Zoom seems to be fine with the device! (only did “test the mic”, not an actual call). I think they lift up the audio from the very low signal automatically (don’t know, just guessing).
  • PhotoBooth and QT Viewer record video with a sound so low it’s not really audible

Workaround to me is to lift the audio in post-processing (DaVinci Resolve). Not ideal, but leads to good results.

I wish the Windows Synapse program had some settings for audio, but it doesn’t.

I’ve spent so much trying to resolve this low microphone volume issue with Kiyo Pro and Windows 11.  When I use Windows 11 to test the microphone, it says to speak at normal volume. When I do that it says it was at 15% of total volume! I had a Zoom two days and I was not loud enough for anyone to hear me.


Razor Support, do you have a solution, or at least, some suggestions?

Hi, Same issue here since last windows 11 update about 2 weeks ago - have tried reinstalling drivers, updating firmware, but nothing works. @Razer Admin is there any resolution to this on it’s way please?

If the response from Razer is no response after 5 months, I’m returning this thing and avoiding razer products from here on out. 

I have the same problem … extremely weird. Maybe I’ll return my unit until I can.

Same issue here. Just received the Kiyo and am really please with the picture quality.


But will need to send it back as the microphone is not really working with a normal 50-60 cm distance from the screen. It hardly picks up my voice and as I use it mainly for videoconferencing it is not my device.



Got mine a couple of days ago, Windows 11. Have tried reinstalling many times and the trouble shooting steps mentioned in the help article above

Audio is extremely quiet even at 100% volume

My old Logitech webcam from 2007 has better audio then this

As a webcam it is not usable

I will have to return mine also

@Razer Admin why don’t you answer your forum?

Same problem here… My microphone sound never exceeds 10%. Any solutions so far?

Same problem here! Mainly been using my Kiyo Pro (Windows 10) with Discord, but the volume is super quiet with all levels maxed! 
Microphone test says it never exceeds 9%…
What gives?

Same issue.


See also an additional thread, unanswered: 


And a locked thread suggesting a firmware update as resolution, but with no indication of success or failure: 


Hi, I came back for this post after 1 year.

I recently found out that if I plugin the device using motherboard front panel USB 2.0, the problem seems solved.

Before the device is plugin using motherboard back panel USB 3.0 / USB 3.1

I am quite sure it’s the problem of Windows 11 software issues but Microsoft never helps as well.

It’s a weird solution but I am so happy that it finally get solved after 1 Year of frustration, if you guys are still having the same issues, maybe you can try using different port as well! 😅

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