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Kraken Nari Unlitmate Dongle/USB problem

  • 11 February 2023
  • 2 replies


I've ran into a really annoying/ angry problem, yesterday my headset was working perfectly fine and then today once I had done the newest razer synapse update my headset has completely stopped working. I plug in the usb dongle and it just connects and disconnects over and over, sometimes i can get it to stay connected but once I turn my headphones on to listen it disconnects again. I'm hoping someone can help me since they don't have replacement usb's on their website which is stupid in my opinion but whatever.

2 Replies

I have the exact same problem it is the USB Dongle and it is so stupid, they are not helping me in anything i just spend 150 Dollars in this headset

Welcome in the club… same probleme and so far no solution from Razer