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Kraken TE Mic Not Working When Using THX (Win10)

  • 22 June 2021
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So until now, I thought that I had some driver issues, which may be true, but I decided to try a different method of troubleshooting and it worked. I bought the kraken TE yesterday and have loved the audio side of things, but I couldn't manage to get the mic to work. Through driver updates, driver removal, system restarting, changing sound security settings, changing balance levels, changing chat/game mix (etc.) I couldn't get anything to work.

The only way that the mic works is if I plug the headset into a 3.5mm splitter (for headphones and mic) or from that splitter into my sabrent 3.5mm to USB adapter. However, while the audio works from the THX, the mic doesn't. The mic does work when using the sidetone mic monitoring, but that's it. The windows mic monitoring, discord mic monitoring, audacity, synapse mic preview (etc.) all still don't work. I'm happy to temporarily use my 3.5mm to USB solution but I bought this headset in the hopes to use the THX controller, even if not to always use the THX settings themselves. Any thoughts would be massively appreciated!!

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same issue, thinking returning this thing