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Left Arrow starts macro recording all the time

  • 20 March 2023
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When I hit the right arrow key, while working, the Razer Synapse starts macro recording, this is while I’m  not using Razer.  Like typing in my terminal, and while Razer Synapse is closed, so all the time.  The key is not showing up as mapped or anything, I’m not aware of the left key being assigned to this start macro recording, so I can’t figure out how to turn this “feature” off.   Help please. I hit the right arrow key all the time, especially typing in my Powershell terminal.   Please tell me how to disable the rightArrow behavior


It started while I was setting up a fairly complex macro.  By the time it was finished and I had the macro working. This probem had started occurring.  (The macro was assigned to fn-upArrow). I have a BlackWidow LIte

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