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Leviathan Buttons Intermittently Not Working

  • 2 December 2021
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Hi All,
I purchased the full size Leviathan in March 2020 - as such it is now out of warranty. I am having issues with the selection buttons where I have to either push quite hard or multiple times to get it to change any of the settings. This has been an issue since it arrived which I initially put it down to just being a bit finicky however it is now becoming worse where the ability to change settings is intermittent at best. A factory reset did not resolve the problem.

At no point since owning the item has it been dropped or had anything spilt on or near it and it arrived in good condition. I would reasonably have expected that a light press would be sufficient to change settings/modes.

I'm very happy with my other Razer products however the Leviathan has felt like a bit of a let down as well as the issue becoming more apparent so soon after the warranty lapsed.

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1 Reply

Yep. Me too. It's pretty infuriating. Seems to be resolved temporarily by unplugging, waiting a few seconds, and plugging back in, but only for a while, then it happens again.

Razer, do you have a firmware fix?