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Looking for replacement parts for Razer Blade Advanced 2018 edition

  • 17 December 2020
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I wasn't sure where to ask for help regarding this --- but my Razer blade's hinge was making strange noise as if two plastics were rubbing each other. So, I opened my laptop to see what's wrong with the hinge and noticed that the plastic parts above the hinge were shattered, both, the exact same way. I am guessing the screws into the metal hinge were tight and overuse, it created a tension that shattered the weak points on each side. It seems like a flaw in the design, either the pieces needed to be of stronger plastic or metal to hold together better. One of them is still intact but the other is just in two pieces. The top part of the plastic is also important as that is what the backplate of the laptop screws into, and when it is loose, it creates a gap.

I am not sure where to find these parts, if a Razer support person can help me find them or if I can buy these parts alone, I would really appreciate the help!

Thank you!

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2 Replies

Mine is exactly the same, obvious design fault.

Did you find replacement parts?
@Geedub73 yes, definitely a very poor design decision using a plastic hinge cover that just shatters and makes noise. I found parts on eBay for $40. Razer was asking $100 just to inspect, then more on top of it to possibly repair (for labor/parts).