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Macros: "Play while assigned key is pressed" no longer functions

  • 27 February 2022
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I would like to start this off with getting the obvious bs out of the way, so, the things I have already tried so far are:

  • Restarting my computer
  • restarting all razer related programs
  • Made sure all razer related programs are up to date
  • reinstalled all razer related programs
  • made sure my computer is up to date
  • made sure none of my settings got randomly reset both in-game and on synapse
  • remade my macros entirely
  • set the macro to different buttons just in case one of my buttons is broken
  • made sure I don't have any other profiles messing with anything (i only have the one)

So my issue is that at some point in the night, my macro settings were absolutely obliterated, when they worked, they were this:
when shift was pressed in-game, it would hold down shift and crouch at the same time, and with "Play while assigned button is pressed" turned on, I would stay shifted and crouched until I let go of said button, as it should be.

however now, with absolutely nothing changed, it is this:
when I hold down shift, it is now rapid-fire playing these buttons, so instead of staying crouched and shifted I am now teabagging at the speed of light as well as shifting just as often. "Play while assigned button is pressed" is still turned on, however, it's now acting like "Play multiple times", which is very very annoying.

the only thing I can think of that broke this is maybe a synapse update last night that I missed, that completely changed the way "Play while assigned key is pressed" works. but I really hope this isn't the case because I kind of need that macro in order for me to exist

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3 Replies

i have the same problem
well it unbroke, slightly. now its a mix between working correctly and working as above at random, the update we had today has made it work a bit more than it has been for the last week, so its progress i guess, but I still can't use it.
jk it has gone back to 100% not working