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Major issues since hooking up Hunstman V2 Analog

  • 18 January 2024
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To Preface I got a Razer Blackshark V2 Headset with sound card last year in the summer and a Razer Naga Trinity Mouse for Christmas 2023. Upon receiving the mouse I installed Razer Synapse and discovered all the neat little things I could do that included both my headset and the mouse. 

From the get go I was experiencing sound issues where I’d be using iTunes, pause the music via media controls on a keyboard and when I went to un-pause, the game I’d be playing (despite being muted via the windows sound bar) would suddenly be the focus sound with way higher volume than it was muted at. I’d go to press the media key pause again and the game sound would re-mute. I sometimes dual box different MMO’s at the same time so it often would unmute both games and the volume increase would be as if I had the windows volume at max. I had to close iTunes and reopen it for this issue to correct itself.

This also happened after watching one video whether on social media or youtube. After the video was done I’d go to unpause my iTunes and the games media would unmute at full blast. When I went to watch another video on my browser, again the games volume was presented at full blast despite being muted, instead of the audio from the video I was watching. I would have to close the browse and reload it again just like iTunes to get it to function properly.

Another audio issue I'm having is a several second delay in sounds being delivered to me, often causing me to miss messaging pings on my desktop. There would also be several second audio delivery delays in listening to music, sound clips, videos, and anything that produced sound. 

Another issue with the sound is that watching videos or listening to music; the music is often too powerful, like it was designed to be coming out of surround sound speakers in a theater. The deepness of the bass boost often drowns out lyrics and words being spoken in videos I'm watching and music I'm listening to. It made focusing on spoken dialog difficult.

My issues do not stop here. I recently purchased the Huntsman V2 Analog Keyboard as I'd been looking for a mechanical keyboard with media keys and a USB port and the Hunstman V2 was recommended on the synapse app. My previous keyboard was a Steelseries and I figured the reason I was having issues with it's media keys doing what they were in the above paragraph was caused by incompatibility issues. So I thought my problems would be solved! Wrong.

Ever since hooking up the Huntsman V2 (Yes I made sure to hook it up to a 3.0 USB port and used the USB C-port as well since I had one) more problems have arisen. While writing text, I’d have issues with things I had previously written being repeated with no clear cause. It's usually about 1-5 words that I'd previously written being repeated after what I'd already written. I have no clue what is causing this. On top of this issue, there is one with my mouse which I've had zero issue with at all up until I hooked up the Huntsman V2. I primarily use Brave Browser that uses the same V8 Javascript Engine as other chromium based browsers and the issues I've experienced are many. Every one of these issues required minimizing and restoring the program; sometimes several times to make it stop:

  • I will try to click a hyperlink and it opens that hyperlink in a new tab every time I click the hyperlink. 
  • I minimize any program on my desktop and when I go to restore it to view it, It acts like it wants to boot the program up as if it wasn't even booted up in the first place. (discord will go through the boot up process. Browser Profiles will open fresh, blank profiles in new windows, ect.)
  • After idling on a page or clicking over to the browser from another program the mouse will be in highlighter mode, I am unable to click out of this unless the aforementioned fix it done.
  • The scroll wheel or scroll tilt will instead activate the page resize instead of scrolling up or down.
  • There is an issue when I'm unable to click different tabs in a browser or select servers/DM's in discord or other messaging apps, not even a scroll up is available when this happens. 

I'm beyond frustrated at this point and have tried multiple things to correct any and all of my issues such as uninstalling Synapse multiple times, making sure all the drivers were deleted, then reinstalling with admin mode and all issues persisted. I've ensured all my other drivers (Windows/NVidia) were up to date. I've tried using different browsers and the issues continued to persist.

I have since kept the synapse uninstalled and deleted the drivers because the sound issue was so jarring that I was unable to enjoy music or watch movies/videos, so now I'm dealing with just the browser/program issues.

I have a feeling something screwy happened the moment I plugged in my Huntsman v2 Analog keyboard because that's exactly when all the browser/program related issues with the mouse started happening. I tried plugging it into different USB 3.0 Ports and same issues continued. Before I plugged in the keyboard my mouse was working properly as well, no issues with randomly highlighting text and being unable to click out of it or the scroll button causing the "resize page" to activate.

For further refrence my Headset is the one using the keyboards onboard USB port and I've had no "change" or  disruptions (despite the issues with sound persisting while synapse was installed no matter where the Headset was plugged into). My Mouse is plugged into my main tower itself. Neither the keyboard or Mouse are plugged into a multi external USB hub. 

I've had no other issues with the Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard itself besides the repeated word keystrokes issue and the Trinity Naga mouse acting up SINCE I plugged in the Huntsman V2.

If theres any additional information I can provide to someone who can help me figure this out I'll do my best to provide it. I really want to use the Synapse as well as continue to use the products I've bought but it's become a nightmare. My home computer is also my work computer and the issues with the mouse are disrupting my work flow while I'm on the clock. 

What can I do to maybe find a way to fix these issues? What more can I look into that I possibly didn’t notice before?

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