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Mamba 16000 Not Tracking Cursor

  • 17 November 2022
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Legacy Mamba 16000 (not the Elite, not the Wireless, etc.) was working fine for four solid years. Today, the laser seems to have stopped working, with the cursor stuck, not responding to any mouse movement.
All other features of the mouse are still functional (e.g., clicking, scrolling, buttons, lights, settings within Synapse 2.0). I can still swap profiles, adjust lighting with the Chroma Configurator, and so on, but the cursor will not move, regardless of settings changed. I have been using it exclusively in USB wired mode, but switching to the dock for wireless does not resolve the issue.

From the support checklist:
+ I have cleaned the laser lens.
+ Windows is up to date.
+ The mouse is connected directly to the PC.
+ Surface calibration has been reset.
+ The mouse has been tested on multiple surfaces.
+ I have closed all Razer software and tried again.
+ I have reinstalled the drivers.
- I do not have a different PC to test it on.
- The official Razer firmware site does not include the Mamba 16000.

Razer will not allow me to contact them for support because the warranty is expired.
Any fixes would be appreciated asap.

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Hi enderphoenix99,

Please PM me the serial number so I can validate its model and check if we have an available firmware update for your device and other steps to help you resolve the issue. Thanks!