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Mamba TE stuttering on the firefly v2 mousemat

  • 7 December 2019
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So I recently bought the razer Firefly v2 mat, I plugged it in and put on my mouse (Mamba TE - 2 years old). But when I started using it I felt a lot and I mean a lot of random stutters. I went to razer synapse 3 and tried calibrating after I tried everything in there nothing worked perfectly. I switched back to my old mat (Sphex v2) and it worked perfectly fine! My sensor is working fine and I had no issues with the mouse until I bought razer firefly. Why is this happening and can anyone help me pls? I'm desperate.


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2 Replies

Ey there, did you solve it? I have the same problem (I also have the Mamba TE).
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Hi everyone. Sorry to hear about your mouse unusual behavior. Please send me a video together with its serial number via PM. Let's continue from there.