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Mouse disconnecting

  • 13 November 2022
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Last week I bought the Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed mouse. And this mouse just disconnects once an hour for 30 seconds and it starts blinking. I'm using Wireless 2.4G not Bluetooth.
I searched the internet for solutions but nothing helped. Everything is fine with my hardware, I tried to update drivers and firmware, I tried a different USB port and the mouse is new so it's not dirty or broken.
I hope someone knows how to fix this.


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Dongle is connected directly into motherboard (at least USB 3.0 port, avoiding any USB hubs)?
Also check if other devices are not interfering with it like WiFi routers (you can set it on different channel), be sure, that there's no power outlet nearby or kitchen microwave, that would inerfere with mouse signal.

If you have some USB extender cable - connect the dongle to it, leave it on table.